All the colors are running (fading/turning to grey)


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Hi everyone

It's autumn , and I would like to say "all the colors are running, all the colors are fading to grey"

Is the sentence correct?


  • Mark1978

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    Colours running doesn't usually refer to autumn, only usually to objects where the colours have been washed out of them by water etc.


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    It is grammatical, but it is inaccurate.

    When one speaks of colors "running", one is referring to cloth or some other material that has been colored with a dye or ink that is not "fast", which means permanently fixed to the material.

    I should not have washed that shirt in hot water: all the colors ran.
    The club posted a sign announcing the festival, but when it rained all the ink ran.

    Cathy Rose

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    I've heard the phrase used metaphorically to describe a sunset or sunrise, but not leaves. Fading is a better choice for leaves, I think.


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    Okay for fading I get it!

    But how would you say when a flower, a red rose :arrow: grey, turning to grey???
    If you want to name the initial colour :))) and the final colour!
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