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All the colors are running (fading/turning to grey)

Discussion in 'English Only' started by floralies, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. floralies Senior Member

    Hi everyone

    It's autumn , and I would like to say "all the colors are running, all the colors are fading to grey"

    Is the sentence correct?


  2. Mark1978 Senior Member

    Colours running doesn't usually refer to autumn, only usually to objects where the colours have been washed out of them by water etc.
  3. GreenWhiteBlue

    GreenWhiteBlue Senior Member

    The City of New York
    USA - English
    It is grammatical, but it is inaccurate.

    When one speaks of colors "running", one is referring to cloth or some other material that has been colored with a dye or ink that is not "fast", which means permanently fixed to the material.

    I should not have washed that shirt in hot water: all the colors ran.
    The club posted a sign announcing the festival, but when it rained all the ink ran.
  4. floralies Senior Member

    ok I get that!!!

    So can I say "all the colors (lanscape) are fading?? or turning to other colors?

  5. Cathy Rose Senior Member

    Northeast USA
    United States English
    I've heard the phrase used metaphorically to describe a sunset or sunrise, but not leaves. Fading is a better choice for leaves, I think.
  6. Mark1978 Senior Member

    Yes, colours are fading is fine. Don't forget to spell colour correctly ;)
  7. Mark1978 Senior Member

    Ah yes, I know that only too well now half my clothes are blue.. even when they weren't blue to start with.
  8. Cathy Rose Senior Member

    Northeast USA
    United States English
    Good one, Mark. But suppose he has to use AE spelling? ;) John Cleese's Revocation hasn't been enacted yet. :D
  9. floralies Senior Member

    No he's right my mistake!!! I try to use UK spelling:eek:
  10. floralies Senior Member

    Okay for fading I get it!

    But how would you say when a flower, a red rose :arrow: grey, turning to grey???
    If you want to name the initial colour :))) and the final colour!

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