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  1. LaFlautista Member

    United States
    US English
    ¿Como se dice, "All the cool people speak Spanish!" en español?
    ¿Se diría "Todos las personas buenas hablan español!"?

    [Necesito más confianza con traducciónes así] =P
  2. nellie1973 Senior Member

    Native English (England) and Portuguese
    Toda la gente guay habla éspañol / castellano.
  3. LittleMiss Member

    México- Español
    "todas las personas buena onda hablan español"?! cool, that's a hard word to translate in the same meaning that you wanted, different places might say it in different ways.
  4. LaFlautista Member

    United States
    US English

    Yeah I am aware of that. Colombia is like "bacano" and Mexico is "chido" and who knows else where! lol So stuck with bueno, haha.
  5. ynacho New Member

    Castellano Spanish
    mola la palabra "CHIDO"
  6. trissypissy

    trissypissy New Member

    Tampa, FL, United States
    English - United States
    Does anyone know the Cuban variant of this?
  7. Kerena

    Kerena Senior Member

    Cali, Colombia
    The Cuban people say: "bacano" and "chévere."

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