all the more + adjective: -er or not?


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Hi all,

I was writing down this phrase

"the exact value being all the more large as the ratio increases"

when I noticed how bad, in my opinion, it sounds.
Well, maybe I'm missing something else (and I apoligize if it is so), but what sounds bad, actually, is the "more large" part. Indeed, although one would usually say "larger", all the more looks like an unchangeable expression.

Should I then say

"the exact value being all the larger as the ratio increases"

or the first phrase is correct despite its cacophony?

Thanks in advance,
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    "all the larger" is correct

    In the story Little Red Riding Hood we have the following:
    "What big eyes you have Grandma"
    "All the better to see you with!"

    It would sound very strange to say "All the more good to see you with."!

    If you Google "all the larger to" you will see some examples.
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    Thanks a lot, Biffo!

    Of course, while reading your answer, everything looks so obvious... and I feel so stupid.

    Anyway, I appreciate the help and time you dedicated to my question.

    Again thanks,
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