all the warning signs I had missed came sharply into focus,

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339: Break-Up - This American Life

Ira Glass
Act One: Dr. Phil. When one of our regular contributors, Starlee Kine, was in the middle of getting over a break-up, she tried to feel better in a way that few people ever try, and that maybe even she shouldn't have. Here's Starlee.

Starlee Kine
Before I explain why I decided to write and record a break-up song, even though I have no musical ability and can't play an instrument of any kind, I should probably explain a bit about the break-up itself. It was only after Anthony broke up with me that all the warning signs I had missed came sharply into focus, like the time he told me he didn't like taking pictures of girlfriends because it was a downer to have those photos around once a relationship was over.

Q: the phrase 'warning sings' is a figurative sense here? And please paraphrase those blue phrase. Thanks.
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    She only realised after the event that she should have “seen it (the break-up) coming”. There were warning signs (clues about how he was feeling), but she didn’t recognise them as such at the time.
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