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Discussion in 'English Only' started by ChrissyH, Oct 18, 2006.

  1. ChrissyH Member

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    My BE feeling is that it is better to say "all year round" rather than "all year running". Can I have someone else's opinion please?

    The context is rather particular as it is not a sentence - on a brochure giving information for cruise ships and ports of call...
    Cruising season : all year round
    Cruising season : all year running.
  2. aqueoushumour Member

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    all year running makes no sense. The correct option is all year round.
  3. ChrissyH Member

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    Thank you, aqueoushumour, for confirming my thoughts on the matter.
    I am proof-reading a document that someone has translated - I guess they were working from the type of sentence where we could say "the exhibition runs from June to August", for example.
    It struck me as being wrong as written in the context of the brochure . I was wondering if it could be said in American English...
  4. aqueoushumour Member

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    I don't think they use that phrase in America. As far as I know it doesn't exist, at least not in England. You could say 'running all year round' though. e.g. there are exhibitions running / which run all year round
  5. sound shift

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    To my mind it is possible to say two (etc.) years running (= deux ans consécutifs) but I agree with the other foreros that all year running is wrong and all year round is correct.
  6. Nunty

    Nunty Modified

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    I have not heard "all year running" in AE.
  7. LaDonna New Member

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    You can't go wrong just using "year-round"
    in this context. Cruising season: year-round

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