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Hello, does this seem correct?

'cerco con gli occhi la portiera stefana che a quest'ora di solito sta smistando la posta nella guardiola ma non vedo ne lei il suo allampanato marito Giovanni. Attraverso il cortile tirandomi dietro la valigia a rotelle che sulla ghiaia non ne vuole sapere di camminare.'

''i was looking around the doorway, stefana who usually at this time would have been sorting out the mail in the mailbox, and her lanky husband, john were nowhere to be seen. walking through the courtyard with luggage, he didnt even know how to walk.'

thank you so much in advance!
  • baldpate

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    "portiera" is the feminine of "portiere" (notice the name -"stefana" ;)) - concierge, someone who 'guards' the entrance to a residential building - and the "guardiola" is her lodge, her little den.

    "Attraverso" mean "I walk", so the subject (like "Cerco") isn't the husband, but the narrator/speaker.

    How about having another go, using these clues :)

    PS: You've also missed out a word, and the all-important accent - it should, I think, be : " lei il suo allampanato marito". Accents aren't optional in Italian :).
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