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Bonsoir à tous!

I'm helping a colleague translate a text (Fr-EnGB) about 'cousinage', more specifically 'alliance à plaisanterie', in Senegal. The piece is to be delivered as a presentation to a group consisting of experts in the field and laymen, so I need to find a term in British English which means this but which also a) doesn't talk down to the experts and b) isn't too complex for the laymen to comprehend.

I have thought about 'joking', 'banter', 'ribbing'… but none seem appropriate. What do you guys think?

Merci en avance!
  • Keith Bradford

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    Certainly I think the word alliance or relationship has to be in there.

    I'd suggest 'joking relationship'. They're a form of 'non-agression pact' or 'mock-overlord alliance'.

    I've no doubt that some 20th-century British anthropologist has written a monograph on this...
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