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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by dymndgyrl, Apr 11, 2006.

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    I am trying to write some song lyrics using an online translator and dictionaries (I have no knowledge of Italian) and I'm confused over the use of "allora" I know it means 'then' -opposite of 'now' but it also seems mean 'so'
    Can I use it as in "Allora, che cosa?" (So what?)
    Does this also mean "then, what?" (as in "what happened then?)

    If this is not proper, then can you give me an example of how would you use 'allora' as the word 'so'?

    I really appreciate finding this forum, I'm sure my questions are all pretty basic, so thanks for being patient.
  2. Jana337

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    Yes, it means so, but I wouldn't translate "so what" (as in "He will not like it." "So what? I don't care) like that. I would use "Ed allora?" or possibly other expressions, depending on the context.
    Allora, cosa ne pensi?
    So, what do you think about it?

    This is so difficult!

    Please do not use online translators - your lyrics will be a mess. We are eager to help you! :)


  3. dymndgyrl New Member

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    Thanks so much for your quick reply!

    I know that it's backwards to pick one word and write the lyrics around it but I love the sound of the word 'allora' for a soprano to sing, so I am trying to fit it in somehow!
    When I think of another phrase that might work, I'll post again to see if I got it right.

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