allow full line of sight


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Delivery chain is key to allow full line of sight from Vision Realisation Program plan down to sub-activity level.
What could "allow full line of sight" mean please?
Source: SAjD Vision - ALM Company
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    It would mean that anyone working in that company/department/process would be able to get a clear and unimpeded overview/understanding of the entire process from beginning to end. It's a metaphorical use of line of sight, which means the direct line ahead of your vision - if you were in a city, and could look directly at the sea with no buildings or trees blocking the view, then you would have full line of sight to the sea. If you think of it like that, it may be easier to understand the metaphor - someone involved in this process can look at it and follow in their mind the process from beginning to end without any obstacles or difficulties, nothing is hidden or obscured.
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