allow myself that variance?


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I'm reading '100 Thing Challenge' written by Dave Bruno.

<They didn't like the fact that I was sharing things like the dining room table with my wife and kids, who were not actively participating in the challenge. In the straitened economic circumstances in which we find ourselves, borrowing something from a neighbor rather buying it for yourself makes good sense and I allowed myself that variance as well.>

Could you dumb down this context?

People gave me a critique.
They didn't like that I shared some items with my family.
Because my family didn't join my challenge.
I think it's good to borrow(share) some items.
Because these days, the economic is not good.

And what is the rest?

I allowed myself that 'disagreement(-variance)' as well?

I can't find any 'disagreement' here.

  • It means "some people thought I was violating the conditions of my challenge by using things that belonged to other people. However, I thought that sharing and borrowing the possessions of other people made sense, and so I decided that it was allowed by the rules I had created."