1. groudenver New Member

    Hello every body,
    I need some help to translate this : Allowable value.
    I understand the meaning "valeur autorisee" but I would like to translate it in a scientific way. I would like to say something like:

    The ratio between the generated stress and the allowable value have to be less than 0.5 for carbon steel piping.

    Le rapport entre la contrainte generee et la "valeur autorisee" doit etre inferieure a 0.5 dans le cas des tuyaux d'alliage de carbone.

    Thank you for your help.
  2. Andrew Levine Member

    English, United States
    I would say "contrainte admissible".
  3. groudenver New Member

    of course I was focus on "autorisee" and I didn't thought about Admissible.
    The sentence sound better now...
    I'm sorry about this useless post.
    Thank you.

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