allowance of reduction of fuel taxation

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    I need to translate the following into French: "allowance of reduction of fuel taxation"
    I'm a little bit confused since "tax allowance" means "abattement fiscal" but here... what would the word "allowance" mean?
    Thanks in advance for your help
  2. moustic Senior Member

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    Hello Dusefarim
    Without a full sentence:
    ... réduction permissible des taxes sur le carburant ...
    ... permettant une réduction ...
    ... (something else?)
    only you can tell.
  3. MrAbh

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    Hi dusefarim and a welcome to WR Forum, here goes my suggestion:
    Provision d'exonération/de réduction de taxe sur le carburant
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  4. dusefarim New Member

    Hi Moustic
    Thank you for your help.
    Indeed, it may be easier to understand with the full sentences (it is part of a slide out of powerpoint file, so it is not a real paragraph).

    "The annual taxes collected can be utilized by the Authorities for further country development (Including the allowance of REDUCTION OF FUEL TAXATION), all for the benefit of the people"


  5. dusefarim New Member

    thanks MrAbh.
    It sounds good.

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