allowing me to burst the ropes of old roles


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As spring came, I hardly knew myself. The rootlessness that had been such a joy in my early thirties, allowing me to burst the ropes of old roles, to be reckless and selfish and focused on stretching my newfound dream, to roam the world on assignments and then to stay up all night typing on caffeine and nicotine — all at once that didn't work anymore.

Can you help me understand the intended meaning of this phrase?
  • liliput

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    It means to break free from constraints (metaphorically burst the ropes) imposed by previous situations/positions/status (old roles).

    For example, if I inherited a large sum of money, I wouldn't have to comply to the timetable, dress and behaviour codes of my job because I would be able to leave it and do something more exciting.

    Or a parent whose children have grown up can burst the ropes of that "old role" and dedicate more time to his/herself.
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