allows the baby to benefit from intimacy


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It's the movie "Celeste and Jesse forever".
Some father to be asks his friends what is a Baby-Bjorn?
One of them gives this definition,
"It is a child carrier that allows the baby
to benefit from intimacy without the confinement of a stroller."

With "intimacy" he means that baby will be nearer his parents and people
or is he trying to make joke here?

Thank you
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    In this instance, "intimacy" means close (physical) contact between the infant and the person who is using the device to carry the baby around (not people in general), whether that's a parent or another caregiver. It is believed that a very young infant, accustomed to being snugly enclosed in the womb, will benefit physically and psychologically by being in close contact with a human body. This particular one, as the picture shows, also encourages eye contact.

    There are similar products sold in the US under other brand names.
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