Almost 11 minutes (Football/Soccer vocabulary)

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  1. HuanManwe

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    How would you say that during a football (soccer) match?

    When it's almost the 11th minute.

    Casi 11 (minutos de la prórroga) --> Almost 11 (minutes of the extra time) ???

    Another option: al 11 de juego de la prórroga --> into the 11th minute of the extra time ???

    In Spain commentators usually make sentences shorter so that they can go as fast as the game itself. I don't know about the English speaking commentators.
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  2. Cipriana

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    Argentinian Spanish and UK English
    Yes, both are right. I´m doing a football translation, too.
  3. Bevj

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    Girona, Spain
    English (U.K.)
    Diría 'of extra time', no 'of the extra time'.
  4. HuanManwe

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    another good tip. Thanks Bevj

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