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  1. kizza New Member

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    I would like to say: the revolutionary situation ended almost as immediately as it began.

    La situation révolutionnaire a fini presque si immediatement comme elle a commencé.

    Is this correct?

  2. clopac Senior Member

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    "La situation révolutionnaire s'est terminée/a pris fin tout aussi subitement qu'elle avait commencé"
  3. sound shift

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    To me, the sentence in post #2 means that the situation ended as suddenly or unexpectedly as it had begun. It indicates how it ended but not when it ended. It does not convey the idea, present in post #1, that the situation existed only very briefly. I could be wrong, of course.
  4. clopac Senior Member

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    I agree sound shift.
    Then, maybe something like:
    "La révolution s'est terminée presque immédiatement après avoir commencé"
    But that doesn't sound very natural. I would propably say something like: "La révolution n'a duré que quelques jours" or "La révolution s'est très vite terminée".
    Maybe someone will have a better proposition...

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