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I like to play badminton and sometimes play with some Chinese people. If someone plays a shot and it is almost in, how can I say "almost" in this context in Chinese?
(In English, only one word is necessary but would I need more than one word here in Chinese?)
I hope my question is clear. Thanks!
  • Yeah, I can understand if you point and say "Almost."
    In Chinese, I don't know...
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    Thanks, ktdd and SuperXW! Do you think someone will understand what I mean by this if I say 差点儿 or 就差一点儿 if a shot is almost in (but landed out)? Does it sound as natural in Chinese as it does in English, do you think?
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    You are right. OK, thanks to both of you for your help! I'll have to try saying this when playing badminton in the future. (when playing with people who speak Mandarin) 谢谢!