almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades

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  1. My first thread after all these years looking in this forum. Congrats to the forum-users, but this time, I have a difficulty and I need to ask by myself.
    Even after several looks of internet, I've got troubles to understand the meaning of this idiom, and more precisely, when to use it. I got the fact that it means - more or less - that "almost" is not enough, but the situations when to use it is still not cristal clear for me. Could somebody enlighten me, give me examples? Thanks in advance!
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  2. LART01

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    This proverb means=

    Coming close but not succeeding is not good enough
  3. WillHelpIfICan Senior Member

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    "Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades"
    Or as my dad used to say
    "An inch is as good as a mile"
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  4. tripoli Senior Member

    Found here :
    Literally the phrase means that "almost" is a valid answer in the game of horseshoes (almost a ringer counts as one point) and when throwing handgrenades (almost a direct hit still does pretty good damage to the target...)
  5. Ok! I understand better now. In which situation can it be used? Is it more colloquial or more elevated English? Can I use this idiom in a conversation with my boss or only with my friends?
  6. WillHelpIfICan Senior Member

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    It's the same register as "rater, même de peu, c'est rater".
  7. tripoli Senior Member

    I am not sure that it is frequently used though...
  8. I guess not :) but I've read it in a book and it took my attention. Idioms are hard to learn and harder to use in real life when you're not native speaker.

    Thanks for your help folks! :)
  9. Egmont Senior Member

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    It is used frequently, at least among the people I talk with. I also sometimes hear "... horseshoes and nuclear weapons." The logic is the same: coming close to the target, even without a direct hit, will cause significant damage.

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