almost <open worthy>

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Hello everybody,

I have read the following expression. It came after a compliment.

"Thank you for such sweetness. Almost open worthy".

what does open worthy mean? I have found no entries on the internet that could explain this expression.

Thanks a lot for your help.

  • encelo

    100% accuracy. It makes no sense to me either.
    I read it on a paper. the sentence before read:
    You are the most beatiful girl I have met. Not just esthetically.


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    Is there any chance the writer is being ironic? "Almost open-worthy" (note the hyphen) might mean "almost worthy of opening." But that doesn't really seem to fit.


    It might be that it is ironic!! What does worthy of opening mean thou??
    A local paper of the city where I am living in England!!


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    The forum rules require that you name the source of any quoted material from websites or print sources (Rule 4). In the present case, that means that you should give the name of the local newspaper and the title of the story.

    I cannot find this quotation on the internet. If you will describe in your own words what is being discussed that may help.

    Without more context, we will not be able to help, especially if it is intended to be understood ironically.
    To interpret it we need to guess at the context, and we don't allow guessing. And we may not be able to help even if we have more context. It is not an established idiom, and may be a bit of wordplay on the part of the author.

    As cyberpendent has indicated, as a suffix '[something]-worthy means 'worthy of being [somethinged].'
    Here is another example of this sort of formation: wait-list-worthy
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