almost prevent a happy ending

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    I am wondering how to translate the adverb "almost" or "nearly". I want to say: Rosine almost prevents a happy ending when she exposes the plans of her rescuers to Bartholo.

    I am confused whether to use faillir or presque. "Rosine a failli empêcher un dénouement heureux" makes it past tense, which I don't want, and "Rosine empêche presque un dénouement heureux" seems slightly strange to me as well.
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    If you insist on using the present tense, I can suggest <sur le point de> or possibly <tout près de>

    "Rosine est sur le point d'empêcher un dénouement heureux..."
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    I'd say somethng like : Rosine risque d'empêcher un dénouement heureux

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