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  1. Marga Divya New Member

    Vorrei sapere la differenza tra "almost" e "pretty".....
    .egs : "almost good " e "pretty good"
    il primo ha senso negativo e il secondo positivo ?

  2. cecil

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    Ciao e benvenuta.

    American English: "almost good" means that on the continuum from bad to good, whatever is described must be barely on the bad end.

    "Pretty good" would indicate well within the good range, just not good enough to be very good or excellent.

    Almost = quasi pretty = piuttosto ("pretty" come aggettivo = bello/a)
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  3. Fremdsprache_entusiasta

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    "Almost good" means something is not quite good, but close. "Pretty good" means something is good to a certain degree. If someone said you were "pretty tall", you'd be significantly above average. But "almost" denotes "not quite" .

  4. johngiovanni

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    "Pretty good" can mean "moderately good", "good to a fair extent", "quite good", but it is also used sometimes to mean "very good", "good to a considerable extent", perhaps with a sense of understatement. Note too that the same applies to "pretty bad".
  5. Fremdsprache_entusiasta

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    It often depends on the tone of voice and context.


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