alms is or alms are? !!

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    can you please clarify the use of alms?
    is it used with a plural form in all cases? some dictionaries say it is plural some others both singular and plural, I am confused ! should we say this alms or these alms?
    thank you in advance !
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    Neither sounds very natural; but that is probably because the word itself is archaic. The modern equivalent is 'charity'.

    Grammatically, I incline toward the plural, but you would only really encounter it in a history book : 'Alms were given...'
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    I agree that alms is old-fashioned. In addition to history books, I have seen alms used in religious contexts in present-day writing. For instance, there are news stories that speak of the Muslim custom of giving alms during Ramadan.
    Most of the dictionaries I consulted list alms as a plural noun. I see that the OED includes examples with a singular verb from recently as 1850, but I think that use has gone out of fashion.

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    Thank you for your answers !

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