Alone (macchia)


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How can I translate the Italian word "alone" (in the meaning of stain) into English?
I found "ring" on the dictionnary, but I'm not quite sure about it. Can anyone help me?
Many thanks in advance!
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    I suggest "smudge/smear" if the stain is on windows or mirrors.

    "The bathroom mirror is full of smudges after being cleaned with Windex or ammonia or 409 or Extreme Clean using a clean paper towel each time. Any suggestions?"

    "The problem is window cleaning is not as easy as it can look. It is easy to leave streaks, smears and stains on the window if you don't do it correctly."

    More generically, you could perhaps use "light circular stain" or "light round stain."
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    The OP dates back a few years and we have no way of knowing whether the "alone" is on fabric or what. No context, no possible accurate translation.