along grand and salubrious lines

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Like much of Paris, however, the Marais stank to high heaven in 1853 when the emperor instructed Haussmann to rebuild the odorous city along grand and salubrious lines. Entire medieval quarters of the city were to be razed with modern avenues taking their place. “It was the gutting of Paris,” wrote Haussmann proudly in his Memoires.

(This comes from The man who created Paris by Jonathan Glancey on 26 January 2016.)

Does the blue part mean "in a grand and salubrious way"?

Thanks in advance!
  • Keith Bradford

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    In this sentence, the word "lines" has three meanings:
    1. Principles, concepts... This is the main meaning.
    2. The lines that an architect draws on his plans,
    3. The straight lines of Haussmann's boulevards.
    Nos. 2 and 3 are not necessary in order to understand the sentence. But they add a pleasant extra flavour to it; they enhance the style.
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