along the beat

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1. Can anyone explain the meaning of "along the beat" in the citation attached below. "Beat" has so many meanings that it's difficult to choose the correct one.


Thanks in advance.
His thoughts took him back for what must have been the thousandth time to that day on the strath.
He pictured himself climbing the cattle fence, making his way through the shrubbery. And then he was standing by the river again, under the protective canopy of a large birch tree, near the Kildonan Falls. He knew nearly every stone, every fencepost along the beat.
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    In this context, "the beat" is a particular stretch of river.
    It is related to fishing rights.
    "The beat" is the extent of the river bank where an angler has permission to fish.
    Whether it is used literally of figuratively in this case, I don't know.
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