along these lines with this administration


What do "these lines" refer to? Pentagon's rules? Simply a wild guess here.

“It seems like most people talking about it are from the outside, who view this as a check on government thinking. I don’t know where that comes from,” the former official said. “Every time something happens along these lines with this administration, there’s almost a temptation to view some nefarious intent behind it and connect dots that don’t really exist. I just don’t think that’s what happened here.”

Source: Defense News Pentagon By: Aaron Mehta   April 11
Pentagon confirms it is ending the Jason advisory contract, but group’s work may continue
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    every time something happens along these lines = every time something like this / of this nature happens


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    Basically, he's saying these people are conspiracy theorists. They always look for a secretive explanation for normal events (which have some similarities to each other). So if one of them is a conspiracy they're all conspiracies.
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