1. edw Senior Member

    Dominican Spanish
    Estoy traduciendo este poema al español. No doy con una traudcción que me satisfaga del todo en la frase que señalo:

    I thought, as I wiped my eyes on the corner of my apron:
    Penelope did this too.
    And more than once: you can't keep weaving all day
    And undoing it all through the night;
    Your arms get tired, and the back of your neck gets tight;
    And along towards morning, when you think it will never be light,
    And your husband has been gone, and you don't know where, for years.
    Suddenly you burst into tears;
    There is simply nothing else to do.

    Tengo pensado: Y mientras se acerca la mañana, pero no estoy seguro
  2. ClimbEveryMountain

    ClimbEveryMountain Senior Member

    Murray, KY
    Me gusta tu intento.

    My two cents:
    Y en el camino hacia la mañana...
  3. TheGauchito Senior Member

    Spanish - Argentina
    que te parece:

    "Y al acercarse la mañana..."
  4. albertovidal

    albertovidal Senior Member

    Spanish, Argentina
    y, en la medida en que se va acercando la mañana...

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