Alors, on ne dit plus merci

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    hi!!Can someone help me to translate this sentences from French to English?

    Alors,on ne dit plus merci?=So,you no longer say thank you

    Allons les enfants, on se depeche!=Come on children,hurry up!

    Vous savez,il y a toujours plus malheureux que soit,comme on dit=you know,you always can find somebody more unhappy than you,as we said.

    Can somebody help me to proofread these sentences?,thank you very much
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    Hi summerbreak,
    Welcome to WR forums :)

    Let me please invite you to post the subject of your request in the title of next threads (please have a look at #4 in WR rules). I just changed the title of this thread in order to allow further searches for similar topics.
    Let me also invite you to post different requests in different threads as mentioned in #10 in WR rules.
    Please notice that proofreading is forbidden in these forums (please have a look at #18 in WR rules) so let me invite you to only post specific questions about vocabulary or particular grammar queries


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