Alors, Qu'est-ce qui ne va pas?

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  1. Hela Senior Member

    Tunisia - French
    Hello everyone,

    What would an English doctor say to his patient on seeing him/her ? :

    a) Now then, what seems to be the problem ?(idiomatic ?) OR

    b) What’s wrong with you ?

    (= Alors, Qu'est-ce qui ne va pas?)

    Many thanks and Merry Christmas to you all.

  2. zippermonkeyboy

    zippermonkeyboy Member

    Taylorsville, Utah, USA
    United States-English
    This might work and yet be VERY formal...Everyone keep in mind that I am work and doing this as quickly as possible, so there are just literal translations

    a) Eh bien, quel semble être le problème ??
  3. kens

    kens Senior Member

    Canada - English
    Are you asking for the appropriate sentence in English or in French? In English, the doctor would say a) "What seems to be the problem?". The other sentence, "What's wrong with you?", is an insult -- you say it to someone who's just done something stupid.
  4. Hela Senior Member

    Tunisia - French
    Thanks Kens,

    That's exactly what I wanted to know!

  5. nredwine

    nredwine Member

    USA - English
    On pourrait aussi dire "what is wrong?" ou "tell me what's wrong."

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