Alpha, beta?

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Dutch, the Netherlands
How do you call the different branches of knowledge? In Dutch we have two (sometimes three) branches:

Alfa: language, arts, etc.
Beta: mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc.
(Gamma: geography, and history too I believe)

I'm especially interested in the equivalent of "Beta". Thanks in advance!
  • stranger in your midst

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    English / Scotland
    Sciences, pure, applied and natural, and arts, including classics (humanities). Painting, sculpture etc are called the fine arts.


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    Norwegian (bokmål)
    Alfa sounds a lot like what can be branched under the term 'humanities'.
    Beta: natural sciences
    Gamma: social sciences

    I'm not completely sure about the two last though.


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    English-Ireland (top end)
    I've never seen the alpha, beta, gamma classification before.
    Different universities seem to use different general classifications. The titles stranger used sound familiar to me.

    (The English spelling of the Greek letter is alpha, not alfa)


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    Finnish - Finland
    I'd say:
    Alfa: Arts, languages, etc.
    Beta: Biology, mathematics, physics, chemistry, etc.
    Gamma: Geography, history etc.)

    and you can go on:

    Delta: Disaster, Discomfort etc. what you meet as a student.

    and so on.


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    English - USA
    I would consider sciences and maths as "logical knowledge," and the arts and languages "creative thought."

    Social studies is what geography and human history are categorized as.
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