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Hi everyone

Would any one have any ideas how i could type russian letters with my keyboard.

Without changing the settings on my computer i mean.

I live in Ireland so i'm using UK/Irish keyboard (I think)

Copying and pasting would be a bit time consuming.

Badger. :)
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    Leopold said:
    Here's all you need to install the layout for either standard or phonetic cyrillic alphabet. The standard one is the one they use, you should copy it somewhere or download a picture of it. But if you're starting with this keyboard i reccomend you to use the phonetic one.
    Have a good cyrillic walk:

    Hi Leopold

    Thanks for the reply, that looks like a great link.

    badger. :thumbsup: :)


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    It may of interest to check out Wikipedia's article "Volapuk_encoding", describing a method of creating text which closely mirrors the appearance of Cyrillic letters using the Roman alphabet. Used by many Russians.