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  1. tranzlator New Member

    context: winter resort description
    phrase: "200 trails, 3 glaciers and 12 alpine bowls".
    Is that a ski trail for children to practice?
    Thanx everyone
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    Welcome to WordReference forums Tranzlator.

    As far as I know a bowl in skiing terms is a bowl shaped valley or area (such as those called "cirques" in Europe, which are formed by glaciers), as opposed to straight ski slopes or long trails. I believe a technique called "bowl skiing" has developed to cope with this particular shape. It's a term fairly common in N America, as I understand it.

    I think it would actually be unlikely to be suitable for children to practice; probably the reverse is true.

    The word "Alpine" doesn't have any special meaning, I don't think. Resort skiing is sometimes called "Alpine skiing", from where this form of leisure originates.
  3. Brioche

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    Alpine skiing is downhill skiing, as opposed to Nordic or cross-country skiing
  4. olliemae

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    New Zealand/America, English
    A place to practice skiing is known as a "bunny hill".
  5. tranzlator New Member

    Thanks a lot to everybody, I'm translating a guide about Canada - with plenty of rederences to winter sports - and your suggestions were all very helpful.
    I think the right word in italian would be "circo glaciale".
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    Tranzlator, you could always check the translation if you wanted to by going to the Italian-English forum:)

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