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In writing what would be the right way:

- Please send me the already approved document
- Please send me the already-approved document.

According to the context I think that I have to add "already" since this is about a document that must be approved before being sent to me and I would like to emphasize that.
  • Neither version sounds idiomatic, I'm afraid.

    I think you can omit "already" because "approved" implies the past tense anyway. You don't need to emphasise it with "already".

    To make it more idiomatic you could say "Please send me the document after it has been approved".


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    I agree with Kevin Beach - "already" is redundant because if something is "approved", it has been done previously ("already").

    Although you shouldn't use the phrase, if you do, it would be the hyphenated version.


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    It sounds pretty unidiomatic to me. Either the document has already been approved at the time when you are speaking, in which case it just an "approved" document and already is superfluous, or else it hasn't already been approved, in which case, why call it the "already" approved document. I think you need to say "After the document has been approved, please send it to me" or "Please send me the document after it has been approved" or something similar.
    bibiolept said:
    Some employ phrasings much like this one to stress something, to make sure they notice and remember some crucial fact.
    My first thought was that "already(-)approved document" sounded like a direct translation of a German construction. I can only say that I have never heard any phrasing like that from a native BrE speaker.
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