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I am working on an App and trying to make it available in Korean. If there are any kind people out there who could help me out, I wonder how to say the following in Korean:

'Already purchasedl'
<you have already purchased the game>


Any help is greatly appreciated! If you do provide an answer, please give a short description of the grammar/structure of the phrase(s), if you can.
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    In Superhero1's sentence, 해당 게임 means the very game. 이미 is already.

    해당(or 해당되는) works like "the," which points to the person or thing that you have mentioned.
    If you worked at a customer service and said, 해당 고객께서는 방문해 주십시오(The customer, please visit), it would mean you want a visit from, say, "the" customer(s) with a special coupon or "the" customer(s) who purchased an item at Christmas, etc. You have to say or imply what kind of person or thing you're looking for before you say 해당 고객 so the listener will know what you're talking about.
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