already, so soon?

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  1. Landazt

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    If I get surprised with how fast something is going, and if I'd like to express that feeling, should I say something like "mais déjà???!!" or similar?
    For example:
    -I'm leaving

    I can't think of any similar expression in English. I'm afraid of misusing the word 'already'

    Ps: I added the 'mais' because in my native language, it's common to add it, and I'm not sure if it may remain there. If not, please say so (some other reasons might make its usage not recommended)

    I appreciate your help and patience.
  2. Michelvar

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    - so soon?
  3. The Prof

    The Prof Senior Member

    In English, people often say "(What,) already?". Another possiblility is "(What,) so soon?"
    The use of 'what' seems to correspond to your use of 'mais' - it is common to add it, but not essential.
  4. clairet

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    If you say "Already? So soon?" many English people would take the extra emphasis to indicate sarcasm (i.e. meaning that something, when finally delivered, has taken much longer than it should). Obviously it depends on context too.
  5. maguinyc Member

    New York
    mais, déjà !
    ah bon? déjà!

    or simply: Déjà !
    Si tôt ?!
  6. The Prof

    The Prof Senior Member

    I can't really imagine anyone interpreting it that way in the context provided by Landazt - but as you say, it does depend on context, not to mention intonation!

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