also wrote a line for her

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The other day I read some famous people's sayings, all these sayings are about love. Some of them are poetries, some are lyrics, some are just plain words, but all these are about expressing their love to their girlfriend or wife. Then I show the picture (all these sayings are in one picture, each with the sayer before the saying) to my friend, my friend knows that I am trying to date some, I told my friend I asked wrote something for the girl, I said:

I also wrote a line for her.

I wonder if the bold is natural.
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    I'm not entirely sure I've clearly understood what's involved here, but if the picture includes a mixture of "sayings" in the form of poetry, lyrics and plain text, then I don't think that "wrote a line" really works.

    Maybe "I wrote something [for her], too" would do it.
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