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  1. barley Member

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    Hi, I a trying to translate the name of a surf school, but I can´t find a satisfying way of translating: "Escuela de alta competencia para el surf"
    So far I can only come up with: school of high aptitude for surfing -or: school of advanced surfing...?
  2. dmsaruman

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    I shouldn't think that you translate names. What's the name of the school?
  3. barley Member

    England, English
    I understand that you would not normally translate names, but this is for a flyer so I need to give an English alternative for people who don´t speak Spanish....
    "Escuela de Alta Competencia de Surf" is the name of the surf school. Thanks for any advice you can offer with the translation!
  4. Clarísima Senior Member

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    You're right! That's hard. Just a thought: are they playing with the double meaning of competencia: both competition and aptitude?

    Competitive Surf School
    Advanced Surf School
    Expert level Surf School

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