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    In a Spanish Social Security Historia de Vida Laboral under the heading Fecha, there are three subheadings: alta, efecto and baja. The dates for the first two are (in this statement) always the same.

    My assumption is that alta refers to the date in which the employee should have started according to her contract and efecto, to the date on which she actually started (unexpected illness and funerals, etc. notwithstanding). Apart from the space for the headings being restricted and not wordy in Spanish, I would opt for 'Contractual start date, actual start date and final day or left'.

    All comments and clarifications gratefully received.
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    I'm not sure here, but I can definitely point out that alta/baja (as you probably already know) here is short for dar de alta/baja. In the context of social security, I would be more likely to think of these as "enrollment/disenrollment" in social security, though without more context and seeing the form myself it is hard to say. As for efecto, I am unsure. Hope this little bit helps with fun cryptic government language!
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    Thanks, Stickyfloor. There is very little extra context. Many columns: A code number, the name of an employer, start and end dates with the efecto date in between. Then figures related to social security contributions for each period of employment and the total no of days employed in the position.
    Thanks again.
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    Thanks again.
    At I finally found:


    Fecha de inicio de la prestación de servicios o de la actividad, o fecha de inicio de la situación asimilada a la de alta.


    Fecha a partir de la cual tiene efectos el alta en orden a causar derecho a las prestaciones del sistema de Seguridad Social, salvo para las prestaciones derivadas de accidentes de trabajo y

    enfermedades profesionales, desempleo y asistencia sa
  5. gato radioso Senior Member

    -Fecha de afiliación: date when you first were registered in the Social Security system. It usually coincides with the date when you started your first job. Then, you only have a fecha de afiliación for all your life, but you may have many fechas de alta if you had had several jobs.

    -Fecha de alta: you have one of this every time you start a new job. Imagine you began to work for the very first time in 01 May 1983, were working in that job for 10 years, became unemployed later, and got your current job in 01 December 1994. This is your fecha de alta.

    -Fecha de efectos de alta: what Matamoscas said.

    -Fecha de baja: sign out date. When you finish your contract.

    There is an official site: with an English and a French version. I hope it helps.
  6. Matamoscas Senior Member

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    Thank you all, not least gato radioso for that website.

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