Alterar el bolsillo

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  1. Paddy19 Member

    How can I translate: alterar el bolsillo?

    Sin alterar demasiado el bolsillo.

    without disrupting too much the pocket?

    Thank you for the help in advance.
  2. sneaksleep Senior Member

    What is the context of this phrase? Is it referring to clothing/tailors etc., or something else?
  3. Paddy19 Member

    Puedes realizar un viaje sin alterar demasiado el bolsillo

    You can make a trip....

    That you will not hurt the pocket too much
  4. sneaksleep Senior Member

    Aaah, ahora veo. Creo que aca se dice mas "pockebook" (cartera) para expresar esta idea:

    This trip will not hurt your pockebook (too much).

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