1. jesnowak Member

    Hola a todos!
    Soy nueva aca en el foro, estoy estudiando Traduccion e Interpretacion y tengo que dar un speech acerca de la reelccion de presidentes y dignatarios publicos.

    Queria saber como traducir esta frase:
    "Con el objetivo de buscar la alternabilidad y la democratización,..."

    En especial la palabra alternabilidad.

    Muchas gracias!
  2. scotu Senior Member

    Paradise: LaX.Nay.Mex.
    Chicago English
    alternabilidad (alternating political regimes) is the concept that power must change regularly (through legal means) to preserve democracy. The idea is that democracy cannot exist if the same government remains perpetually in power.
  3. jesnowak Member

    So I can use "alterning political regimes" as "alternabilidad". You know I used it, but no could understand me :(

    But there is not an equivalent in English (a word) for "alternabilidad"?
  4. scotu Senior Member

    Paradise: LaX.Nay.Mex.
    Chicago English
    The English phrase for this concept is: "rotation of power"

    I'm not sure whether rotation of power is a fundamental element of democracy or an inevitable result of it; but I cannot imagine a democracy that exists without it.
  5. jesnowak Member

    I'm in the same situation, actually before this trsnlation I never thought about it!
    Thanks a lot for the reply Scotu!
  6. pmontu33 New Member

    Alternabilidad is very hard to translate. It does not mean rotation but rather the possibility of rotation. And it is not a democratic principle but rather a republican one. I would just call it "rotability" (although it might also sound weird) or the principle of "fair elections". The latter because alternabilidad implies that there are real possibilities of rotation, which can only happen when the competition between candidates is fair and not when the inbumbents hold all the cards as in tyrannical regimes.

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