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India-Local dialect
The guava tree in our front yard gives smaller fruits in one season and bigger one in the next; the next year it gives smaller ones, followed by bigger ones the next year.

Is it right to say?:

The guava tree in our front yard alternates between bigger fruits and smaller one over years.
  • catgrin

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    You made "bigger fruits" plural and "smaller one" singular. It should read "smaller ones," or it suggests that during a year when the fruits are small, you only get one. Also, a native AE writer would use "over the years"

    A simpler form of the sentence would be:

    The guava tree in our front yard alternates yearly between bigger and smaller fruits.

    yearly By turning "years" into the adverb "yearly" you explain that the alternating takes place each year.

    bigger and smaller fruits Because "bigger" and "smaller" are both adjectives of the word " fruits, you can combine the two ideas into a single phrase. Please take note that this should not be hyphenated as a compound adjective. It will have no meaning as a fruit cannot be both bigger and smaller at one time.
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