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Hello everyone!!

Sometimes we quote 2 or more reasons for something in our essays, and starts the next paragraph with "Another Reason...."

E.G. Another reason for preferring Jack on kate is the conduct of Jack.

I wonder if there is some alternate available for this phrase.. "Another Reason for"

Thanks in Advance
  • soccergal

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    Sometimes I just say also or furthermore in essays. In conversation you could say besides that or on top of that.
    By the way, it would sound better to say another reason for preferring Jack over Kate is Jack's content.

    Giorgio Spizzi

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    yours is a very good list of sentence and paragraph connectors but I suspect they could hardly substitute for "Another reason for", Don't you agree?
    Ditto for Also and furthermore.
    "Additionally, preferring Jack on kate is the conduct of Jack" ?
    PS Also is capitalized because this particular "also" is always at the beginning of the sentence, followed by a comma.


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    All of the connectors work, but you would have to restructure the sentences. Your initial sentence structure is odd. See my comment #3. You can prefer one person to another, or one person over another, but you don't prefer someone on someone else.
    So, if you have already given one reason for preferring Jack to Kate, you could give additional reasons by saying:
    Also, Jack's conduct is more admirable (or whatever)
    Furthermore, Jack's conduct is.....

    and so on.
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