Alternate phrase for "with due respect"


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If I want to write some thing instead of "with due respect". What it should be, in the first paragraph of formal letter?
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    In formal letters, we do not have to be so polite in English. We just need to be "not impolite".
    So to start a letter, I'll write:

    Dear Sir,

    I am a resident of [or "I am graduating from ..." or whatever you'll need to say to identify yourself]. I am writing with regards to ...


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    "I am writing with regards to ..." is a stiff and impersonal way to say "This letter is about ..."

    For example:
    I am writing with regards to the appalling quality of our drinking water.
    It means "This letter is going to be about how dirty our drinking water is.".


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    "With all due respect" is the usual phrase, and it implies that what follows might otherwise be interpreted as an insult.

    "With all due respect, Sir, you are wrong."
    "With all due respect, I feel I must disagree."


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    Ok, thats a big help.Now how to wrap up in the last paragraph?
    With all due respect, you have to open a new thread for a new question :D:D:D

    Beginning: I am writing concerning.........

    Ending: Thanks for your kind attention.............

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    I am writing with regards to ...
    I have a little chip on my shoulder about this one, since I believe that correct usage is as follows:

    "With reference to ...."
    "With regard to........." (note: no 's')
    "Regarding ..............."

    All mean roughly the same.
    e.g. "With regard to your wife, please tell her she would be welcome to come along"

    However: "..with regards to ..." (with an 's') means: "With good wishes to ..."
    e.g. "...with regards to your wife, whom I look forward to meeting again."

    I'd love to hear what other people think.

    (Maybe this should have been a new thread, but I wanted to quote Samantha)



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    You should be careful with the use of "with due respects" or "with all due respects".

    It, in my mind, connotes a willful disagreement with someone in a position of authority.

    Police officer: "Madam, I just saw you pick that man's pocket."

    Woman: "With all due respects, officer, I think it is time you visit your optician."

    The addition of "with all due respects" does not substantially reduce the insolence of the woman's response. It would not shield her from the officer's anger.

    So, if the comment is likely to cause someone to be annoyed or angry without the "with all due respects", it probably will continue to do so with it. The phrase does not substantially mitigate the damage.
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