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In a short description to one of the stand up comedy shows:
Interracial gay marriage. Alternate punchlines. Mom jokes. Hari hits the stage with a set of unexpected twists and zero limits.
If "punchlines", more or less, means jokes (supposedly :) ) what is to describe it with "alternate"?
Any help appreciated.
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    If "punchlines", more or less, means jokes (supposedly :) )
    A 'punchline' is the final sentence, word or phrase of a joke - the thing that makes it funny.

    This is a very old joke:
    A: "My dog's got no nose!"
    B: "How does he smell?"
    A: "Awful!" <- punchline.

    Stand up comedy shows are known for "alternate(AE)/alternative(BE) comedians" = non-traditional comedians - these comedians do not simply recite unrelated joke after joke; they tend to tell a long story with many funny incidents or they make funny observations about the way people behave.

    Alternate/alternative (adj.) also has the meaning of "a equally good but different" or in the case of a puchline: "a punchline that is different from the one you expected": the alternative punchline might therefore be:

    A: "My dog's got no nose!"
    B: "How does he smell?"
    A: "Don't change the subject!" <- punchline.
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