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Hi all,

I have to give a summary for my 1 year experience in my company where I didn't had proper billed work,in other words no work from past 1 year.
So in the below sentence I don want to use the word 'working' in between "nice experience".
can anybody suggest me proper word to construct the sentence in a polite manner or else can I continue with this itself??

"Being with friendly collogues and encouraging manager made a nice experience through out this 1 year, which lead me to improve my technical skills."

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    I don't really understand what you mean. Do you mean you worked for a year unpaid? If so, this could be an internship or work experience. I think your sentence is fine without the word "working" in it, but then I might not understand what I read. I have corrected your sentence below.


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    "Being with friendly colleagues and having an encouraging manager made my year a nice experience, it also helped to improve my technical skills."
    I would not use "1 year". We generally use "a year/the year" unless we are emphasising the amount of years:

    I only lived there for 1 year.
    I lived there for 3 years, but I only spent 1 year working.
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