alternate vs alternative

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Which one is correct-

alternate phone number
alternative phone number

what's the difference?

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    In BrE only 'alternative' is correct (meaning one from a choice of two or more), and 'alternate' means something quite different: a zebra has alternate black and white stripes, that is two things follow each other, first one then the other, repeating. In AmE 'alternate' has both these meanings.


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    This question has been added to a previous thread. Cagey, moderator.

    I don' know how diffetent "alternate" and "alternative" are if alternate is used as an adjective.
    After reading some thread about this, I am still confused with the two.
    Anybody help me?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I can't think of any case where they wouldn't be completely synonymous, so I would think about them as such.


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    Hello, nnyy. :)

    It's difficult to know how to be helpful without more information. What still confuses you that the other threads don't explain? Please give us a sentence in which you thing you might use these words, as an example.
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