Alternate words for "emergency situation"


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HI all ,

Can anybody tell words for "sudden act" or "emergency situation".

Let me explain you the purpose of posting this:

-I have missed two days training session because of a sudden injury on my right leg a day before the session.So now I want to request my traing team to kindly consider this as a "emergency situation" ... but I don't want to use this!!

Your replys will be highly appreciated ... :)

  • rkbala

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    Sure Dimcl...

    The injure happened is a minor one with which I was unable to walk,doctor suggested be take rest.If I mention this as "emergency situation" they may consider as major,so I taught of not giving such opinion!!


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    If it were my situation, I would simply say "I had an accident that injured my leg and the doctor told me to stay home and rest". It wasn't an emergency, it was just an unavoidable accident that caused you to miss training. You could just say "I injured my leg and couldn't walk".


    India - Hindi
    I am so glad reading at your reply.Your explanation really help me to think simple English.

    Some times I do think like why I shouldn't I get that taughts of simple English,I ashame of myself :eek:

    Thank you so much Dimcl :)