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From a fiction book:
"I felt like plopping down on the floor and having a tantrum until I got my way. I was unfortunately too old (or alternately, not nearly old enough) to get away with that sort of behavior."

Is "alternately" the right word? Shouldn't it be "alternatively"?
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    I agree. Alternately means continuously by turns; one thing, then the other, then the first thing again, etc. Alternatively means by way of another option, means, etc., which is what is meant here.

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    May I suggest that the dictionaries are wrong?
    Yes, of course. It's a matter of opinion. The fact is that alternately is used in this sense and lexicographers recognize it. In their opinion they are of course right. Personally, I couldn't care less whether this usage is considered correct or not.:)

    Three quotations from dictionaries:

    11. constituting an alternative: The alternate route is more scenic.
    - Webster's Unabridged Dictionary

    3 US (UK alternative) An alternate plan or method is one that you can use if you do not want to use another one.
    - Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary

    Being a second choice; alternative: alternate director
    - Collins Concise Dictionary


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    Ah, another BrE/AmE difference:)

    The OED includes alternate = alternative, describing this as "US".
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