Alternative of "using your partner's weight"

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What I'm referring to is a part of an interview that has to do with 'intimacy'. Of course, any graphical or 'too much' information is not included. I'm mentioning this simply to give you a context. This is the sentence this person said: "(when you're stimulating your partner) you wouldn't not use your own strength in your finger, rather your partner's own weight."

My question is, Is there a way to replace 'using weight' of someone, probably using a word like "gravity" taking into account this context? This is more of a way to get around a cultural avoidance, if you will, since mentioning someone's weight doesn't seem to be very polite except in a few contexts, especially with such a subject as this.
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    You probably don't need to worry about causing offense with a reference to weight in this context, nagomi. If the conversation permits the discussion of stimulating a sexual partner with a finger, there surely isn't anything shocking in referring to weight in that discussion.

    But it would have been possible to use "gravity" after "rather" in that sentence instead of "your partner's own weight." However, I don't think it would have been an improvement nor especially courteous to use "gravity" as some sort of synonym for the phrase.
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