Alternative to the phrase "Elderly Centre"

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Hello! I am currently copyediting a doctoral thesis in which the person discusses "Elderly Centres". This is a translation from Korean and refers to community centres for older people. I am trying to come up with a better way of referring to such centres in English as I realize that the term "elderly" has certain negative connotations. I was going to use Seniors' Centres but I found on the Web an argument that "senior" is no better than "elderly." People are saying to just say "older people", but it doesn't sound right to say "Older People's Centres". Does anyone have any suggestions? Thank you!
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    A quick look on Google suggests that elderly is widely used in this context. I would stick with it.
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    "Senior center" is widely used in the U.S. "Elderly care" is used for facilities more akin to nursing homes.

    If you search Google for "elderly center" it redirects to "senior center" (U.S. spelling)
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